The quality of the LCD is divided into:


1 Brand new licensed

2 disassembly (refurbished / not refurbished)

3 Press row (original cable and original glass)

4 frames (original backlight/group backlight)

5 version


1 High copy: ①.Original glass group cable

② Original cable group glass

2 Whole group: made of all assembly materials

Distinguish LCD quality: look at the cable, look at the glass

Belongs to the bad liquid crystal:

Screen burst;Leakage; discoloration; White screen; Broken corners; crush; Chaotic screen; Do not show; Broken IC; Cracked line; Missing; splash screen; Darkness;

Backlight enters water; Dirty; Translucent; Huaping;color point; Uneven color.

Test LCD Note:

Exterior; Mirror flower; Cable; Whether the accessories are complete.

Check the appearance before trying the LCD:

  1. Are there any broken corners (not long life)
  2. Does the mirror have flowers?
  3. Is the cable broken?
  4. Light seat, whether the small components are complete

See the display:

  1. No display, (reason: 1 Some have different versions,)
  2. Missing scratches (broken corners or falling or pressing will cause missing scratches)
  3. No light (the light line is not welded or the light seat is loose)
  4. Discoloration (colors are purple, green, blue, yellow, some refurbishment will also cause)
  5. The cable is unstable (note that the cable is shaken when testing the machine)
  6. Darkness (sometimes it can only be seen when the machine is turned on and off, more talkative and vague)
  7. The display is light (glass problem, some can adjust the contrast)
  8. Deep display (glass problem, some can adjust the contrast)
  9. A little (divided into: white point, black point, color point, dirty point)
  10. Flickering (like waves vibrating, caused by capacitors or cables)
  11. Crushing (being crushed, a piece of bruised purple)
  12. The backlight is not good (dirty spots, scratches, water in)
  13. Flying leads (connect the capacitors and resistors with wires)