For our products, as mentioned in previous tweets, we will test one-to-one and then send it out. Then this tweet will introduce in detail, what is our product packaging?

Taking the iPhone as an example, at the beginning our products were sent to the logistics department for packaging like this

After the last test, we will have individual bubble wrap bags to pack each phone screen individually. And, every 10 mobile phone screens will be put into a box. Usually, one model is placed in one box. We sell it according to a whole box. If a customer wants a single model whose quantity is less than 10 or is not a multiple of 10, we recommend that customers buy enough integers to facilitate packaging. Of course, most models of mobile phone screens are packaged in this way. If it is a model above iPhoneX, there will be a separate package.

After each mobile phone screen is individually packaged, we will pack the mobile phone screen that has been packed into a box of 10 in a foam box, which is the third layer of packaging for mobile phone screens.

Finally, wrap a layer of woven bag outside the foam box to prevent damage to the foam box during transportation.