Before 2019, we would go to Hong Kong every October and April to participate in the electronic product exhibition.

The exhibition will last for 5 days,usually from October 17-October 21 in the Autumn. But in the Spring, the exhibition will be held for only 4 days, from April 18 to April 21.

We rented a booth in advance and set it up, we will stay in Hong Kong during the exhibition.

During the exhibition, each salesperson will sell to its own customers individually, or even one-to-one sales, to ensure that customers can experience good service and buy high-quality products. Therefore, each business has rich sales experience and fluent spoken English.


But starting from 2020, due to the impact of the epidemic, many foreign trade export companies have shifted their focus to online order negotiation, which is why we need to start from facebook and whatsapp. get in touch with customers.At the beginning, there will definitely be customers who doubt whether it is a real company or a fake, but with our in-depth communication, including video conversations, customers gradually understand and trust us, because they are very confident to hand over the order to us.

We also hope that in the future you will become a member who trusts us.