Dear customers,When you get the goods,please check the model,quantity,quality and our company sticker. If any problem of the goods,please contact our salesman.No responsibility for expire.

  1. No return or exchange of the soid products except for quality problems.
  2. No guarantee for the original goods without our company
  3. No return or exchange for the following products:  A. Out of the expiration date guarantee for 6 months.    B. LCD broken,flex broken,LCD connector broken ,IC area broken  C. Any parts lost or products soaked.  D.  Tored or missed the protection film results in screen scratched.  E. The product has been welded or installed and used
  4. Tested products ensure for the quality problem will change as follows,but not for return:  A. No display of the goods  B.Abnormal display such as no light or have dark points   C. Insensitive touch screen.   D. Slightly folded flex result in abnormal display. E.  No image ,or display abnormal.
  5. Please obey our returning Policy for maintaining the mutual between both of us ,Thank you for your cooperation!