What scams have you encountered in order trading? No delivery after payment, or the received goods are defective.Now JT electronic will tell you how to avoid these scams.

First, when you find a supplier on Facebook or other online shop. You can visit their official website, to see the company introduction and some pictures of company environment. It is best if the company’s website has a video introduction, because pictures can be faked, but videos are difficult to fake.

Second video call is better way to verify. It is very difficult for a person to pretend to be a company to negotiate a transaction with you, because the scammer may expose the scam in the context of the video at any time.You can use video to ask the other party to show that the environment he is in is a serious company, not just a random room.

Third, If you have a partner or trusted friend in China, you can ask your friend to help you visit the company that is discussing cooperation. Only by seeing it personally can it be true or false.

Forth,Ask about the after-sales service of the partner company. Most of the regular Chinese foreign trade companies will have a complete set of customer service, especially after-sales service.Because they want to have a long-term relationship with customers.If a company violates the rules for many times, it will be restricted from receiving payment, and in more serious cases, the collection account will be frozen.

To sum up, in order to prevent being deceived, customers can avoid risks through the above methods. Companies that sincerely want to work with them will not shy away from the temptation of their customers.