Last weekend, JT electronic had organized a team building activities to Huizhou trip. All the staff, including the logistics department, went to the famous bay in Huizhou.

Our trip consisted of two days and one night. Packed a bus and set off directly from the downstairs of the company to Huizhou.Along the way, we sang and went to the beautiful seaside holiday with a happy mood.

First day we got there, it’s a sunny day.I liked the sea and the interesting colleagues.

In addition to playing in the water at the seaside, we also experienced a jet ski, which feels different from the land, but it is just as exciting. The wind felt soft and warm and the water was not very chilling. Far in the distance, the sun was changing color from a yellow to an orange and then to a red ball hanging over the horizon. I really liked the pretty view in the sea.


In the evening, it is a standard seafood dinner. Prawns, crabs, snails, all kinds of shellfish and sashimi are all in the form of a buffet, you can eat and take whatever you want.

Thanks to the generosity of the boss and the enthusiasm of our colleagues. We will continue to bill after entertainment, and strive for the next tour group building.