—–We will confirm the quality with the customer first. The liquid crystal has points with and without points. The ones with points are B goods, and the ones without points are A goods. If the customer has high quality requirements, be sure not to ship B goods. The material of the back cover of IPhone is also divided into glass and plastic. We will first ask the customer what quality they want, so as to avoid the customer who sends the goods and then complains after receiving the goods.

—–In the order details, it will be confirmed whether the customer needs special packaging, the logo is covered with our company’s seal JT, and the business with special requirements will be confirmed with the customer and then informed of the purchase confirmation, no need to add money.

—–Confirm the payment method. Western Union and domestic transfers do not require handling fees, TT HSBC HSBC 30 US dollars handling fee, paypal 0.05 proportional handling fee. The Paypal address must be the same as the shipping address.

—–We will explain to the customer the scope of our warranty, the warranty time and the specific warranty situation




On sale:

—– When sending PI to the customer for confirmation, the description of after-sales service must be attached below the PI.

—–Promote different products according to different customer areas, emphasize the difference in quality with customers, and guide new customers who have just entered the industry, including guiding customers how to install, test, and deal with after-sales problems



After sale:

—– After the courier number comes out, it should be sent to the customer in time for tracking.

—– Attachment to send our after-sales service rules, and then emphasize to customers that they should check in time after receiving the goods, if there are any problems, report to us, and we will help customers solve them in time.

—–Track the package at all times, and remind the customer to receive the package when it is about to arrive at the customer’s location. After the package arrives, ask for customer feedback, and then make a second pitch.