When a customer has confirmed the order and complete the payment successfully, we will supply within 1-2 days send out the goods. Usually within a week or so, the customer will receive the goods.

When receive the goods, what should the customers do?

First, check the outer packaging for damage. We have a total of 5 layers of packaging, each layer is to prevent the product from being damaged when the product collides during transportation.

Second, check each LCD for damage after unpacking. Whether the display glass is broken, and whether the cable is broken.

Third, Check if the LCD screen is working. If it is a repairer, you can look for a professional machine or an original mobile phone motherboard to test whether the lcd has a display, and check whether the touch is working or not.

After the above process, if there is a damaged LCD, the customer can shoot video or pictures to our sales manager, we will have a perfect compensation policy.