Every month, we will hold at least 2 online live shows in Facebook or Instagram. One week before the live broadcast, we will notify the salesperson in charge of the live broadcast in advance so that he has time to prepare the live broadcast content.

Before the live show:

  • Get your audience to tune in on time with early announcements via posts or stories.
  • Gather your audience’s questions ahead of time and have your answers ready.
  • If you’re streaming from your phone, enable Do Not Disturb and make sure your internet connection is fast and stable.
  • Use a tripod or camera stabilizer for more stable footage.
  • Write an engaging description before going live.

During the live show

  • Reserve time for your audience to enter the live room to watch. Set the broadcast duration to 30-60 minutes.
  • Reply to or pin a fan comment.
  • When responding to fan comments, address them by name and prompt them to ask questions about a topic to encourage active engagement.
  • Share your live stream in a group, Page, or profile that you manage.
  • Cross-post your stream to multiple Pages at the same time (only when using the Stream Manager). Learn more about how to cross-post live streams here.
  • Embed your live stream on a website or blog you own (only when using the Live Stream Manager)
  • Live video sessions are limited to 4 hours using the Facebook mobile app and 8 hours using Live Producer.
  • Consider whether to remind users to watch content on a large screen such as a TV based on the type of content (such as virtual events or performances)

After the live show:

  • Save live streams to your camera roll and forward as on-demand video content to your feeds, stories or IGTV and more.
  • See how your live video is performing in the Insights section of the Creation Studio.